nikki westerly

16 Days of Summerland: Day 1: Favorite female character

My favorite female character is definitely Nikki Westerly. She is so caring and sweet. She wants the best for everyone else and will do whatever it takes to make it the best. She is kind of like the “mom” in the family. She makes sure that her brothers are in the best care and she’s just so sweet. She had such a hard time dealing with her parent’s death but in the end, she made the best of it. She is there for her brothers whenever they need her and she gives the best advice. Kay Panabaker is also such a great actress and is completely gorgeous.

9. Not just a starsign (Glee/Summerland)

“There we go, Noah,” the nurse said, pulling apart the plastic tubes.


“Thanks hon.” He’d been staring out the window and the scene that had unfolded in front of him. A young girl, about 16, had received some bad news and she was now crying on the floor. No one had touched her, since she’d told the woman, the one she was with, to go away. “What happened there?” he asked, nodding out to the waiting room.


“Found out she was terminal, poor thing.”


That was rough. He’d been in the same position himself. Not too long ago, actually. He looked at her when he pulled his jacket to his chest and got on his feet.


“Hey,” he said, putting strong hands on either side of her shoulders, forcing her into and upright position as he pulled her from the floor. He might be dying, but he wasn’t weak. “Here,” he said handing her a tissue. “I dunno what’s wrong with you, but it’s not that bad.”


“I’m dying,” she spat. “How can’t that be bad?”


He smiled. “I dropped out of high school and I get to do all sorts of fun stuff now,” he said, cocking in eyebrow at her.




“Never know how much time you got left, no need to waste it in Glee club and on the football team, right?” She smiled, and even through her tears, she was beautiful. “I’m Noah, Puckerman.”


“Nikki. Westerly.” She took his hands, and the chill of her skin made his warm hand tingle.


“I know what you’re going through.  It sucks, I know. But it’s no reason to stop living.”


“Sure it’s not,” she said bitterly.


“Why don’t you come see me tonight? I play at this little coffee shop and I’m pretty good. When I’m done, we can talk. ”


She wiped at her eyes, and put a strand of hair behind her ear. “Sure,” she said. “Here-” she reached over to the nurse’s station and grabbed a pen, and then she scribbled down her number on his hand, and smiled.


“Thanks,” he smiled at her, looking her up and down. She was hot, and that didn’t hurt. “I’ll call you later, okay? With the time and the place.”




“Good. Now, don’t go to hard on them, they’ll do everything in their power.”


She shook her head, a sad smile on her face. “I’m just not ready to go yet.”


“I’m not either. But cancer’s not that bad, look at me. I’m still a badass.” And then he smiled that winning smile and she giggled at him. He put another strand of her hair behind her ear and smiled. “See ya tonight,” he whispered and then he left, feeling mightier than God. She’d smiled.