nikki skye


Dark!Skyeward AU: Grant Ward knew being undercover at Hydra for Shield had it’s risks. Being murdered by the person that the super spy himself went undercover for in the first place wasn’t one of the considered risks. Unaware of Ward’s occupation, Phil Coulson did what he thought was necessary and killed the man with his own two hands, unaware of Ward’s attempts at a a good deed. Though, Coulson wasn’t alone. From afar, Skye stood emotionless, watching with blurred vision as Coulson left Ward’s body to rot, with nothing but dust circling the air with every step he made away from the corpse. Unforgiving of her directors actions, Skye took it upon herself to avenge the man she lost, and would never get back. Anger fueled her system every waking day as she began her path to revenge.


Visit the set of BREAKING DAWN PARODY, the most popular production from The Hillywood Show®. This exclusive feature includes almost 45 minutes of behind the scenes, bloopers and more from Breaking Dawn Parody by The Hillywood Show®! 
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