nikki skowron


It’s just distressing that the trend is to simply be radical…To draw attention to yourself by operating outside the social norm. And by outside I mean *way* outside. Not only does it present the people who act this way as important, when they’re not, but it sends the message to everyone that this is how you get attention. Not through positive, constructive work…But rather through negative and/or self destructive effort.

Where does it go from there? The more crass and controversial someone is the more quickly they draw attention to themselves and the faster they make that meteoric rise to internet stardom. But yesterday’s controversy is today's dull-drum… It has to be louder, flashier, more caustic…If the trend continues what will the girl next year post on tumblr as a cry for attention? What will the girl 5 years from now do?

….I think from what I’ve seen its also about how fickle human beings can be. And how, as a society, we’ve grown away from establishing any clear cut ideals. Instead we simply do what seems best at the time in the moment. So if saying this, doing this, preaching this garners the attention and adulation of the masses, then that’s what I do. If it takes something different to reach that goal tomorrow…well…yesterday is in the past. How does what I said then matter now, right?

The past matters too. Saying it doesn’t not only presents the facade that it doesn’t matter, but conversely it establishes a creedo of ‘what have you done for me lately.’ Because it is about living in the now and erasing the past…So it isn’t just that what I did yesterday that doesn’t matter…Anything you did to help me yesterday is inconsequential as well.

Disclaimer: This message was solely for the special snowflakes. We all know who they are, the ones willing to do or say anything to be what is considered “cool” …at least at the moment. It is evident and transparent that there exists those who operate outside of social norms without exuding symptoms of the special snowflake syndrome. There are those who engage in self-destructive activities, who are truly suffering–invisible , who NEED to be seen and helped, but are overshadowed by those who WANT to be seen and admired. Glamourizing it for the sake of “edginess”. I can understand that. So I hopefully, this disclaimer clears up any vagueness in this post.