nikki silver

ive been reading a lot of ‘how to write’ guides lately mostly just out of boredom/interest and the main thing i have learned here is that people who think they can write a comprehensive guide on how u should write arent all that good at it. like:

“ Dull language: The last time I tried to talk to her about my problems, she started cursing very loudly in a public place and said some really awful things about Nikki. - The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick 

 Vibrant language: When I last attempted to consult her about my problems, she began cursing violently inside a Starbucks and bashed Nikki’s good name against the wall.”

the first one is dull and awful sure but i didnt realize u have to thesaurus every single word (”attempted to consult” in place of “tried to talk”? in a very casually written first person book no less?) to be a good writer. and “bashed nikkis good name against the wall”…………. mmm