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Reblog with how you got introduced to Book of Mormon!

Hello! So I reblogged this post asking people to share their stories on how they got introduced to Newsies. And as said from a lovely follower (hi @ramieverse​!), the Book of Mormon fandom is getting bigger and blossoming.

And so I also want to pose the same question to everyone: how did you get introduced to Book of Mormon? (musical only please!)

hey its me at 3:14 am and I have returned from watching all six episodes of war and peace what the fuck did i miss


AU - Dean crashes in on Nikki’s segment for the WM Reading challenge.

Nikki - Hey WWE Universe, Nikki Bella here to announce this year’s Wrestlemania Reading Challenge… ? uh. Dean what are you doing? 

Dean - I heard challenge so here I am.

Nikki - *shakes head* It’s a reading challenge, you know that right?

Dean - So? I read books?

Nikki - Okay? Why don’t you tell us what your favourite book is?

Dean - That’s easy. Hands down the greatest book of all time is The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. And if anyone wants to argue with me-

Nikki - Alright, settle down Lunatic Fringe.

Dean - He became a beautiful butterfly alright! I’m a beautiful butterfly!

Nikki - Okay.. Dean. Yes. You’re a beautiful butterfly. WWE Universe, don’t forget to send us your essays telling us your favourite book and why you’re passionate about reading and you may just win yourself a ticket to Wrestlemania.


Nikki - You’re such a doofus. 
Dean - Yeah. but i’m your doofus. I’m your very hungry caterpillar doofus who needs to eat. So lets go eat.
Nikki - I thought you were a beautiful butterfly?
Dean - I have to eat first.

*grabs Nikki’s hand and pulls her to go get dinner with him*