nikki next door

Rowland S. Howard, photographed by Peter Milne, 1977.

Last May I wrote a post commemorating the 36th anniversary of the release of the Boys Next Door single “Shivers,” and today, on the anniversary of Rowland S. Howard’s 56th birthday I have updated that initial track list of covers, including the most recent version of the song that I’ve heard, recorded by fellow Melbourne singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett and released less than three weeks ago. It’s been interesting seeing Rowland’s name mentioned by publications like NPR, The Guardian and Billboard, even if only in passing. (Just a matter of hours ago a review was published by Rolling Stone that mentions “some Rowland S. Howard-like guitar soundscapes” existing on Dave Gahan’s new album. One hopes that curious readers will Google RSH after seeing that reference.) Little by little Rowland S. Howard is becoming better known on a wider scale, which I think is an encouraging feeling for all us fans around the world, for whom his music has meant so much.

  1. Young Charlatans (1978)
  2. The Boys Next Door (1978, lead vocal by RSH)
  3. The Boys Next Door (1978, lead vocal by Nick Cave)
  4. The Boys Next Door (1979, the Door, Door version)
  5. Marie Hoy & Friends (1986, Dogs in Space soundtrack)
  6. The Screaming Jets (1993)
  7. Nick Cave & The Dirty Three (1995)
  8. The Witches (Ha-Mechashefot) ft. Nick Cave (1996)
  9. Rowland S. Howard (1999)
  10. Nikki Sudden (released in 2006)
  11. Tin Gods (uploaded to YouTube in 2008)
  12. Megan Washington (2011)
  13. Harry Howard and Edwina Preston (2011)
  14. Divine Fits (2012, studio version)
  15. Divine Fits (2012, live)
  16. Mick Harvey and Harry Howard (2013)
  17. Danny Pinn (2013)
  18. Cat Power (2013, part of a medley)
  19. The Cairo Gang (2013)
  20. Laura Jane Grace (2013, live from solo acoustic tour)
  21. Adalita and company at the Pop Crimes show (2014)
  22. Megan Washington (2014, with echo effects)
  23. Against Me! (2014, from a sound check)
  24. Against Me! (2014, live)
  25. Courtney Barnett (2015, ending the song on a kind of upbeat note)