nikki mcguire


Our lives are quiet here, but we are not living, we are whispering and existing. Everyone sighs in unison and then the world is not so quiet, my thoughts are not so silent. Shut up, shut up the stupid sirens blaring so loud. Watch every unreal smile fall down. And I am too tired and the world is suddenly not so quiet and everyone is thinking outloud. We’re running suddenly running from the noisy world that’s spinning like a top. Desperate for a bit of quiet but there’s just no way to find it this noisy, drunken world that is getting far, far too loud, loud like a train wreck. Run me over but please just be nice about it. Stop it, stop it I never asked for this mess. This city does not know the spinning world is falling off its axis toppling far too quickly to be quiet. Grow young, grow silent. Shut up, shut up thoughts so loud in this room enough to find a place to escape. Your world is shining too bright with singing buildings – why of why can you not stop talking, even for a second? Afraid of my own thoughts and I’m searching for the thief of silence. Find him in the cold and deadly mountains. Prepare ourselves, gasp for breath and take the plunge, covering our ears against the roaring waves and hunting for the hush. Find the only place where the world is quiet – it seems the world has spun off its axis. No wonder they cannot be silent; it’s burned. Every piece of the quiet was torn apart by the licking flames – the train is coming ever closer. Shut up, shut up, the noisy distractions. We thought perhaps the world had a separate axis spinning backward to make everything seem normal but it was just another false act. Now we’re running and running away from the ultimate silence but finding ourselves to afraid to be anything but quiet.