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My second character PSD! I have Bea Miller on replay. She’s so freaking cute and my little punk ass Nikki inspired me to make this. It’s simple for the most part. You can use two gifs and two pictures if you want it’s completely up to you. Please do not redistribute, and if you use it like, reblog and or credit me. Thank you xx.

  • The font used is Arial 
  • none of the textures or pictures belong to me so credit to the original owners 
  • The psd belong to seltalksrp



Thinking you know how you should be doing things, or what you should be doing but then not executing those things leaves you kind of doing this spiral of disappointment. All that thinking is based on time. You’re basing who you are and what you think you should be on who you’ll be tomorrow and who you were yesterday. All you really have in life, I think, is just now. A series of nows. I think when you kind of surrender to that you can’t lose. For me, getting through the struggles that are associated with day to day life is just be present. Don’t think about tomorrow. Don’t think about the next minute. Just where you are right now, don’t miss right now, be here now.

Happy birthday, @captnadorable​! <3


My goal in life is to try to practice being present on a daily basis. I think, as people, our consciousness is spread out. We analyse the past, we worry about the future, and it’s all fueled by fear and pain and all these negative things. Even when it’s good it’s not going to be good in a minute. Then you’re chasing it again. It’s all rooted in time and I think my big ambition is to really practice the ability to quiet my brain a little and just learn how to enjoy the moment.

for @captnadorable <3


But I want a woman.