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Holland Manor- Tom Holland One Shot (Hogwarts AU)

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: (Requested by anonymous) Hi! I LIVE FOR YOUR TOM HOLLAND (HARRY POTTER) IMAGINES. They are the best! Can I request one? Like reader and Tom are both purebloods, so their parents decide to engage them, reader (Ravenclaw) likes Tom (Griffyndor) , but he doesn’t cause she isn’t very curvy. And he makes fun of her name because she’s called Raven and the house has quite the same name. But they end up together in the end. Hope this made sense. YOU ARE AMAZING THANK YOU

Word Count: 5100 (longest one as of now)

A/N: This actually loosely followed that request, so I’m sorry. I got really into this and drew inspiration from all sorts of things. I hope this works and I hope this doesn’t make anyone set their standards for me super high (b/c it’s super long).

WARNINGS: SELF-IMAGE ISSUES (brief discussions of the reader having self-image issues). Don’t listen to the Prince’s Tale from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 or you’re gonna cry because I almost did as I wrote this (the climax is very emotional).

*Unedited and formatting will most likely be off (posted via computer, not phone)

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Possession (Ectober Week 2015)

“Wouldn’t have pegged you as someone who wants a tat,” a seventeen year old girl said. Jazz looked up to look at the girl’s teal undercut hair. She also noticed that she had an eyebrow ring and an outline of a phoenix on her neck. 

“Hi Kat,” Jazz whispered. She moved her eyes to look at her hands, “I’m just getting a small one on my back. It’s going to be for Danny.”

“Oh,” Kat said sitting down next to Jazz, “Is he doing better?”

“Yeah,” Jazz whispered. Jazz look back up to Kat, “So what are you here for?”

“I’m getting this baby filled,” Kat said pointing at the outline on her neck, “It’s for my baby sister. I thought the phoenix would be cool, cause she was in that fire. We all thought she was a goner till Phantom came and saved her. She still has the scars but she rose from the ashes.”

“Jasmine Fenton,” a lady called in the back.

“Well I’ll see you at school,” Jazz said standing up.

“Yeah see ya,” Kat waved, “if you need any advice for tat care, just ask!”

It’s for Danny. It’s for Danny. Jazz thought as she walked back.

“Hi! I’m Nikki, I’ll be doing your tattoo,” the woman with the pixie cut red hair said, “I looked though your forms, everything checks out. Are you wearing a cami under your shirt?”

“Yes,” Jazz said.

“Great. Please take your top shirt off and lie on your stomach here,” Nikki said as she patted the chair.

Jazz took off her shirt and lied down. For Danny. For Danny.

“Do you prefer Jasmine or something else,” Nikki asked as she got things set up.

“Please call me Jazz,” Jazz mumbled.

“Ok Jazz, any request for background music?” Nikki asked as she stood by the radio.

“If you have classical, can you play that?” Jazz asked.

“Of course,” Nikki said as she hooked up an iPod to the radio, “I have a playlist with about a hundred classical songs. I don’t seem it but I have a wide range of musical taste.”

As Rhapsody in Blue started playing Nikki rolled over to Jazz in a rolling chair. “Let’s see want you want,” Nikki said as she looked at the picture, “Supernatural fan are you?”

“You could say that,” Jazz told her.

“Well you are in luck. I have done quite a few,” Nikki said and she rolled up one of her sleeves, “I have one myself and it DOES stop possession! One ghost tried to overshadowed me and he failed. Wasn’t too happy afterwards. Tried to attack me but Phantom came and stopped him. That kid is a real hero." 

Jazz smiled and said, "More than you know.”

“I bet,” Nikki said and then put on some latex gloves. “Ok Jazz I am going to start now. Try to relax. Concentrate on the music or something else. Try to not focus on what I am doing.” Nikki pick up the needle, “Ready?”

Jazz swallowed, “R-ready." 

As Nikki started on the tattoo, Jazz thought of the events that led her here.


"Hey Jazz can we talk?” Danny asked standing in the doorway to his sister’s room.

“No Danny,” Jazz snapped, “I am too busy right now.”

“But Jazz,” Danny pleaded, “This is about my ‘extracurriculars’!”

“Danny,” Jazz said turning around to face Danny, “this is more important than your ghost hunting.”

Danny just stared at Jazz with confusion. “Ok,” Danny said as he slowly walked out of her room.


The next night, Danny stood outside of Jazz’s door. He raised his hand to knock, but paused.  He bit his lip and then knocked. Danny heard a faint come in, and he opened the door.

“J-Jazz,” Danny said as he poked his head around the door, “A-are you busy?”

“Yes,” Jazz said in a short tone.

“D-do you mind if we can talk,” Danny asked as he walked into her room, “I really need to talk to someone. Sam and Tucker are on that college tour trip.”

“Why didn’t you go with them?” Jazz asked.

“Jazz you know why,” Danny said looking confused, “I can’t leave the town unprotected!”

“Or cause you know you won’t get accepted into college,” Jazz said picking up a book.

“Jazz!” Danny said with an extremely hurt look on his face.

“Danny I am just stating facts,” Jazz said looking at her brother, “With the way your grades are, I don’t think any college with accept you.”

Danny hung his head and his shoulders where shaking. “I-I’m going to go to bed,” Danny said heading out the door. “Night Jazz.” Danny waited for a moment before closing the door to hear Jazz’s usual ‘night little brother’. But it never came.


“I am glad I got that little girl out of the fire!” Danny said running up to his sister. Jazz was watching the firemen put out the fire.

“You wouldn’t have needed to save her if you didn’t let the building get hit by Ghost X’s weapons,” Jazz said not looking at Danny.

“First off his name is Skulker,” Danny said looking at Jazz, “And second he was shooting at me!”

“Maybe you should have let him hit you,” Jazz said as she turned away to walk home, “then innocent bystanders wouldn’t get hurt.”


“Finally caught that ghost,” Danny said walking into Fenton Works, “He was about ready to attack this lady cause he couldn’t overshadow her.”

Jazz was sitting in the front room reading a book, “Wasn’t he the same one who you picked a fight with this morning?” she asked without looking up from her book.

“Yeah,” Danny said rubbing the back of his neck, “But he was attacking the Nasty Burger.”

“Why didn’t you stop him then?” Jazz sighed as she lowered her book to look at Danny, “I swear there are times I think you do more harm than good.”

Jazz lifted her book back up.  Before she blocked her view of Danny, she saw he had tears running down his cheeks.


“J-Jazz,” Danny said walking into Jazz’s room, “C-can we please talk? I-I really need to talk to someone.”

“For crying out loud, Danny!” Jazz yelled, slamming her book on her bed. Danny flinched at her tone.

“P-please J-Jazz,” Danny said tears threating to spill, “I-I’m begging you!”

“How many times do I have to tell you,” Jazz said standing up, “I don’t CARE!”

Jazz walked over to Danny and stood over him. Danny’s tears started to fall. Jazz yelled, “I want you out of MY LIFE, DANNY!”

Danny then turned and flew out of the room, and Jazz then heard a door slam.

“Well that went great,” Jazz said with a smirk as her eyes glowed a bright red.  A womanly shadow came out of her as Jazz collapsed on the ground, “Did you see how depressed he was. It was delicious!”

“Spectra, why?” Jazz asked as Spectra tipped her head, “Why make me be aware!” Jazz looked up at Spectra with tears flowing down her cheeks.

“To kill two birds with one stone,” Spectra said with a smile, “Well in this case three birds.  I get all of your brother’s delicious misery. I also get your misery from the guilt of you hurting your precious baby brother. And finally I will get that Ghost brat out of the way!”

“What do you mean get out of the way?” Jazz asked standing up.

Spectra grinned even wider, “I’ll leave you to find the ‘grand finale’. Ta!” she said as she disappeared.

“DANNY!” Jazz yelled as she ran to the hallway.  A blood-curdling scream could be heard coming from within the Fenton household.


“All done,” Nikki said turning off the needle, “Here take a look.” Nikki led Jazz to a mirror and positioned her so that she could see the tattoo. A flaming pentagram.

“It looks great,” Jazz said smiling, “Thank you.”

“No prob,” Nikki said, “Now let me talk you though the proper care.”

Jazz listened to Nikki tell her everything, then she walked to the front. As Jazz waved bye to Kat, her phone rang.

Jazz opened her phone and saw it was her mom calling. “Hey mom,” Jazz said into her phone, as she walked out of the tattoo parlor.

“Jazz sweetie,” Maddie said from the phone, “The hospital called. They said Danny is starting to wake up. Your father and I are going down there, do you want to come?”

“Yes I do,” Jazz told her mom, “I am actually near the hospital, I’ll meet you there.”

“Ok honey. See you soon.”

“Bye mom,” Jazz said then hung up the phone. Jazz got in her car and sat the tattoo care products in the front seat. She then headed to the hospital.

“I need to explain and apologize to Danny,” she said to herself.

Jazz may have never wanted a tattoo, but if it meant she had a way to protect her little brother. Then she was glad she had it.