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If you liked Ghost Quartet and Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 you’d like Preludes by Dave Malloy. It’s very beautiful it’s not as confusing as the others but the music is just as beautiful! 💙🎉🎭😭It’s on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. Please give it a listen! You won’t be disappointed!

About Lightwoods

I have no idea why Magnus thought Alec was different for a Lightwood! He has the same lack of seduction actions as his ancestors: which is 0% 

  • Gideon hid scones to attracted the girl he loved 
  • Gabriel rated Cecily as 5 in training without even knowing her
  • Christopher stumbled while dancing with a girl
  • And Alec fell off the stairs after kissing the guy he liked!

See? Alec is a perfect Lightwood!

As I'm visiting  family on Tuesday for two weeks for Christmas, here’s a list of comments Mum’s made on and names she’s called WWE superstars in the past.

John Cena: “John Cena”

Randy Orton: “Is that CM Punk?”

Dolph Ziggler: “That one really needs to dye his roots.”

Fandango: “That dancing one.”

Summer Rae: “That dancing one’s blonde girlfriend.”

Layla: “That dancing one’s other girlfriend.”

Kofi Kingston: “That black one you like.”

Daniel Bryan: “The scruffy little one.”

Brie Bella: “The scruffy little one’s wife.”

Nikki Bella: “The scruffy little one’s wife’s sister.”

AJ Lee: “AJ Lee.”

The Wyatt Family: “Those crazy Hillbillies.”

Bunny: “What?”

Justin Gabriel: “He has a nice arse.”

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins: “Are those two cheating again?”

Heath Slater and Sheamus: “Now he doesn’t look ginger next to him.”

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H: “Now she’s his sister, right?”

Edit: Bonus one I’d left out by accident,

Kane: “That’s Triple H, isn’t it?”

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