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About Lightwoods

I have no idea why Magnus thought Alec was different for a Lightwood! He has the same lack of seduction actions as his ancestors: which is 0% 

  • Gideon hid scones to attracted the girl he loved 
  • Gabriel rated Cecily as 5 in training without even knowing her
  • Christopher stumbled while dancing with a girl
  • And Alec fell off the stairs after kissing the guy he liked!

See? Alec is a perfect Lightwood!

another childhood best friends au scenario: marinette is not prepared to face adrien as ladybug again. although brief, she felt she had stared an embarrassingly long time at him the last time they had crossed paths when the mime became an akuma (not nearly as bad as awkwardly bumping heads and flinching at the brush of hands now that they go to the same school but pretty close). she wants to do her job as Paris’ protector well, but the stakes are higher as her best friend’s father, gabriel agreste, and by extension, adrien, are targeted by simon says. this is too close to home.

at the agreste mansion, marinette does a pretty good job at not letting gabriel, who has known her growing up, recognize her (although he does look a little suspicious as she strongly agrees at how perfect adrien and is pretty attentive to her miraculous). 

she is great at being professional, truly, but adrien is the one making it REALLY hard. pushing nino out of the way to greet her? deciding to take a shower in the middle of an akuma attack? (the model in him? really) explaining to ladybug that the picture she was admiring on his desktop is of his mom and saying she has her smile? (she knows his mom, she knows how much he misses her, ‘I know you adrien i wish I could show you how much’)

adrien catches ladybug looking at a framed picture of him and marinette that he has by his computer, marinette almost melts at the fond tone in adrien’s voice as he tells the story of how they met in the park the day it was taken. the story is interrupted by the akuma, but marinette won’t soon forget any moment with adrien - as ladybug or as marinette.