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‘the ocean’ serves as a visual based on the featuring poem by seye isikalu called 'plot twist’, which explores the complexities that sometimes come along with being deeply passionate & committed to who or what you love.

'the ocean’ portrays the struggle that occurs when a person is unable to evenly distribute the love/commitment between the 'who’ & the 'what’, resulting in the gradual deterioration of one. one comes out the victor, but not without consequences.

a film by seye isikalu.

nikki fagbemi
alexander aplerku

production assistant : tyon mason

with music from : louis the child (strange), d.r.a.m ft sza (care taker) & fela kuti (water no get enemy).

“It’s important to share stories about the diasporic global-Black experience, because it’s so varied. It’s really refreshing to have other perspectives and to realize that we’re all connected–interconnected. Not just, actually people of color….but there’s a lot of trading of lifestyles and stories within this series–that I think affects even more than just people of color.” - @NikkiBeharie 


10 Screencaps of Film

[14/?] Thirteen

He was crippled, but only his body was cracked. It’s not simple, nor is it an easy matter to explain. ‘Let’s just leave it at that,’ she says, and closes the Holy Book of Lies. She covers her eyes, denying to herself what she thought happened.


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