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Things that various manga/anime have taught me.
  • Ao no Exorcist: The family you are born into does not determine who you are and what you have to be.
  • Fairy Tail: Friendships are the best form of a family. Through the heartaches and battles that we face we must always have the strength and bravery to smile with our loved ones.
  • Sword Art Online: When placed in a situation of life and death we realize who we truly are in the depths of our hearts and what we must become to protect the ones we love. Virtual realities are sometimes the best realities and a place where we can be our true selves.
  • Bleach: Even when split between two opposite worlds there is always a place for us to stay and feel welcomed. The people who love us and the people we love are one of the reasons to become stronger and we must live for them
  • Mirai Nikki: No matter how hopeless life may seem at some points you must always find that one thing that will enable you to stay strong and keep on living.
  • One Piece: Your past may be hard and the present may be even harder at some points, the loss and pain, but you will always have your nakama who believe in you and will fight by your side. The people you trust and the people who care for you will help you to achieve your goals in life, guide you through the good and bad.
  • One Punch Man: Being the best at something doesn't always lead to your happiness. A title or ranking does not always display your true potential and who you really are.
  • Noragami: After living a dark past with loneliness and the fear of being forgotten, there will be one day that you meet someone who will turn your life around, will care for you and not let your past ruin the bond the two of you have. Don't live in the past, enjoy the present as it is.
  • Angel Beats: Don't let your past drag you down till the end. Accept that what has happened cannot be changed and be happy with where you are today.

*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

first time for everything

genre: disgusting parent!phan fluff

warnings: None

words: 4k

summary: When you’re new parents, every single thing your kid does is iconic and amazing. Dan and Phil’s experience with their child is the same thing.

a/n: thanks to my bud Nikki for the idea! it was supposed to be a drabble but then it escalated. I should be studying for Science. 

also this is a shameless plug for you all to go listen to Rockabye Baby aka the best thing that has ever happened to me. Phil actually liked the Knights of Cydonia version of them, it’s on his youtube likes. The More You Know.

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That Bendy request was done because it’s an insanely popular character that’s easy to draw, and it counts as fanart. I liked the character too, so I thought “why not?” It only took maybe ten minutes.

I do not do art for free. Please do not send requests. If you would like me to draw your character, you can support me by commissioning me. Everyone wins! C:


*poses* IYEEAAAAH!!! I missed ‘em. SO MUCH. Wanted to draw the lovebirds again for such a long time. I wanna draw more MORE of em. Especially more circus au. Love these clowns. And to the dragons - so far i’ve never drawn milk dragon with adult bug dragon. So i had to fix that.


you do not deserve to whine about ian ‘disrespecting’ your ship when you and people in your fandom continually spam him with cruel, vindictive hate which more often than not includes
•death threats
•death wishes
•petitioning for him to lose his job
•hoping that he or someone he loves ie nikki and kat get a terminal illness
•harassing his wife with degrading names and being a overall misogynistic asshole
•sending racist hate to kat, someone he considers to be his best friend, just because of who she plays
if you’re a respectful fan then that’s great you got your priorities straight but if you’re one who thinks its cool to spread hate then demand that those who you hate on respects you then you need serious help, there’s a significant difference between criticising someone and hating on someone, y'all can criticise him if he does something problematic but never send hate to a body because of a fictional ship.