Signs that he likes you

1. He keeps teasing you or flirting to get your attention.
2. He calls and texts you on a regular basis and he does’t mind talking for hours
3. He rarely says NO to you and when you ask for favors, he gladly does anything
4. He looks tense when he’s near you, and he seems to notice every little thing you do
5. He tries to look good whenever he’s around you so you would notice him. 
6. He starts liking the same things you do to indicate that he’s the perfect match for you
7. He gives you compliments, something like “you’re fun to hang out with” or “you look good
8. when you hang out together, he often offers to pay the bill or if he notices something you like,he offers to get it for you.
9. He shows that he cares about you, when you’re sick, sad or worried, he does everything he can to make you smile
10. He sneaks glances at you when you’re not looking and when he gets caught, he looks away
11. He jokes about dating you.
12. He calls you by a nickname/pet name.
13. He notices and remembers things about you