“Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”, starring the talents of Sherie Rene Scott, Laura Benanti, Patti LuPone, Danny Burstein, de'Adre Aziza, Brian Stokes Mitchell and many more, closed after only 69 performances at the Belasco Theatre on Broadway on January 2nd, 2011.


Susan Blackwell brought her signature style and humor backstage at Broadway Bares XXII, chatting with stars about happy endings, asses, tiaras and the Bares diet. Get an eyeful of all the hot fun behind the scenes.


Tom” from Hello Again (2011 New York Cast)

music/lyric Michael John LaChiusa

performed by Al Silber (and, silently, Nikka Graff Lanzarone)

One of the weird after-effects of last night’s Baby concert was learning that Al Silber had a pretty devout fan who made a bootleg of the Hello Again we worked on together that has better sound quality than I even heard in the theater.  And then uploaded it to  YouTube with photos s/he got from facebook?   Crazytown.  Among other things, I’m glad Mary-Mitchell Campbell’s orchestration is preserved.


Here’s why I’ve been absent.

NBD, just get to play my dream role on Broadway.


yeah. pinching myself daily. thirteen-year-old me has NO idea what just hit her. I mean, seriously. I would try to explain what this show and this role mean to me, but I would just come up short.

I just spent five minutes trying to find a picture of myself making a big enough smiley face to appropriately convey what I’m feeling.

…I can’t find one. You’ve gotta trust me on this. :)


Part Two of Our Behind the Scenes Video Series Released Today!

Hey guys! Today, The Ensemblist releases the second of two special video features to coincide with the release of our “Listener Questions" episode, including some unreleased footage from the interviews!

In the second part of the video series, to be released Monday, December 30, Andy Richardson, who covered the role of Crutchie in Newsies for a year before taking over the role full time, shares the story of how he found out he would be taking over his current role, while Lauren Molina of Broadway’s Rock of Ages answers a listener question about her experience working as an actor/musician in John Doyle’s production of Sweeney Todd. 

Radio Spot tomorrow!

Hi Friends.

I apologize for my lack of being around again. It’s the first day in a long time that I’ve been able to put my head above water. Not in a bad way, in the greatest way possible-

External image

These pictures are a dream come true. Jeremy Daniel is a genius.

also, a fun interview on Playbill for those who are interested in reading my silly thoughts on the show:

Diva Talk? WHAAAAT?

(last time I had a B'way-based solo interview, it was as a “fresh face.” I feel like i’m missing some sort of middle step here.)


I’m gonna do this pretty cool internet radio show tomorrow night at 8pm. You should listen to it if you are already home and listening to internet radio and stuff. :)


and yeah, I’m crowdsourcing. Anything you guys are itching for me to talk about or have always wanted to know? Let me know, either in the comments or in my ask box.

soooo….this is my friend Nick. He’s a big stinkin’ Broadway Star, currently lighting up the stage in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

clearly, by stinkin’, i mean delicious and incredible.

You’ve heard me mention Al so many times on this blog that you’re probably wondering if I have any other friends.

So…some really awesome forces collided between me, Nick, Al, and the lovely folks over at

Al’s done this incredible set of profiles on different Broadway-type friend-pairs called “SHOWMANCE!” and one of those lovely profiles was on me and Nick!

Click here to read all about our story and see more silly photos!

We’re nerdy. We like it that way.

Watch on

Still need some convincing to come to the gig tomorrow night? Check out this video preview on I sing some Wilco, some Rolling Stones, and some Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Just in that video.

External image

Should you not need any more convincing, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll be the one telling the embarrassing stories and singing a lot of things.
PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: "In the Jungle..." A Two-Show Day With The Jungle Book's Elegant Peacock, Nikka Graff Lanzarone -

You want to know what life is like in the Jungle, you say?

Check out this photo feature I made for We’re pretty silly, but we have a lot of fun.

Follow me through our myriad costume changes, birthday parties, the fanciest Walgreens ever, a little inside peek into how we make The Ensemblist, and really cool people.

(photos by Matthew Murphy/Murphy Made Photography)

Shameless self-promotion alert!!

Are you in NYC? Do you like to hear people sing awesome music (Fiona Apple, Bob Dylan, Pixies, Talking Heads, Robyn, and MORE?) and tell (maybe) true stories? Do you like to support people creating their own stuff and doing the things they really love to do?

Come see this show. I wrote it with my friend Tim Drucker, and my brilliant musical soulmate Jasper Grant has arranged the hell out of some incredible tunes.

Click on that photo above to buy tickets. They are only $15 if you buy them in advance. I’d really love to see you there. It should be a pretty great time.

August 22, 9:30 pm
Joe’s Pub: 425 Lafayette St, NYC

Thanks! I will probably post more about this as we get closer, but I want to get the word out!



Not Doing Anything Thursday Night?

…always wanted to hear me sing for yourself?

Now’s your chance!

Not singing here, but you get the picture. (photo by Saum Eskandani)

This coming Thursday at 11, I’ll be one of the featured guests at Ben Cameron’s weekly Broadway Sessions!

I’ll sing a couple of songs, we’ll play some games, it’ll be a rockin’ good night for all!

It’s late, but I know you can do it. Doors open at 10:40pm at the Midtown Theatre on 46th st. inside the Ha! Comedy Club

Check out the Broadway Sessions website, as well as the Playbill press release.

Hope to see you!