Stefan Romero | (Shane West) | ROSARIO | 26 | Assassin

Stefan grew up in a very poor family. Though the family struggled, his parents still spent any penny they could scrape up on their only child and son. When he was he was told his mother was pregnant, and he would soon have a younger brother or sister. While the families struggles seemed to finally be over when his father got a better paying job, it quickly came crashing down. Unbeknownst to Stefan’s mother, his father’s new job was a drug mule for the Malone family. After stealing drugs to sell on his own time and to keep the money, he was found out and given one warning. Once again, the man made the mistake of being paid off by the Rosario’s to spy on the Malone’s and was killed. Stefan lived alone with his very pregnant, and very sick mother until one day he came home from Kindergarten to find the house condemned. He was then taken to an orphanage, never to see his mother or unborn sibling again. Stefan felt the entire reason for his father’s death and his families fall through was the Malone’s and went to Sylvester Rosario, begging him for a job. After Sylvester found out who’s son he was, he reluctantly agreed and the young boy quickly became a trained assassin. He eventually decided to do some research to search for his sibling, and found nothing. The child was given a different name from what she was given at birth, and he discovered his mother had died only days after child birth. With his past behind him, Stefan is hoping to finally live a life where he doesn’t have to worry about money and becoming a paid assassin is a main perk in that dream. He now finds himself following around his newest target, a Juliet Blackwell. All he knows now is she is loyal to the Malone family and is an assassin in training…but the way her eyes look at him makes him see his mother and he now can’t shake the feeling that his newest target may just be his long lost baby sister.