Nikita Season 3 Finale & Shortened Season 4 & A Farewell **SPOILERS**

Alright, so I’ve looked through the Nikita tag since the finale, and read some really interesting posts, although I haven’t seen anyone who shares my opinion yet. That might just be because it was getting too painful to scroll through the tag so I stopped after a few pages, or maybe people just don’t feel the same way/don’t wanna say it. So here I go.

Let me just start with expressing how much I absolutely loved that finale. I had my doubts about it. For anyone that follows me, you probably know that I’m a HUGE Salex shipper, and was really pissed off and upset when they killed Sean. Since then I’ve felt that the episodes haven’t been as exciting (although I still kept watching, because lets face it, Nikita is a fantastic show, even with my favorite boy scout missing). Even after I watched the episodes, they didn’t interest me enough to watch them again, whereas I would always re-watch Sean episodes. But last night… I was insanely excited and nervous at the same time for the episode. I just wanted to see what would happen, & how they would handle the whole thing. I thought it would be a major disappointment compared to last season where it was Salex overload (and then by this season finale he’s dead? That’s just cruel!) But it didn’t.

I was on edge for the entire hour. We were watching it at my friends house with her cousin, and the 3 of us were screaming, yelling profanities at the screen, and a few times even coming close to tears. If someone were to have heard us, they probably would have thought someone was dying; which Michael sort of was, so I guess in a way they would have been right. 

That brings me to Michael. Oh. My. Gosh. Personally, I haven’t been a big fan of the character since season 1 ended. I have nothing against him, but he and Nikita and the entire Mikita storyline just bore me already. Once Mikita actually got together, Michael just kind of seemed different, and I got bored of him. But when I thought he was going to die… I just… I almost lost it. I had a feeling that the writers wouldn’t do it. They just wouldn’t kill him off. But then a lot of time passed with Alex and Sonya trying to revive him and it wasn’t working, and when Nikita was crying over his body I hoped to God he would open his eyes and tell her he heard everything. But you could hear the flatline for so long, and then everyone started crying, looking like they were about to accept the fact that he wasn’t waking up, so I started freaking out even more. I was shaking and in tears from the tension. The show has never done something like this where they keep the character dead for so long. Maybe a few seconds, but that felt like it was at least 2 minutes, and they kept panning the camera to the heart monitor as if they were showing the last bit of the flatline before fading out. (I guess I used to watch way too much Grey’s Anatomy and that got me worried). And then when the music started playing, and the words were “Slipping away” I thought he was gone for sure. I don’t kno what it is about losing him, but I can’t stand the thought of it. Even though I’m not a big fan of the character, I absolutely adore Shane West, and I just… I don’t even know. I was soooo happy when he woke up and cracked that little joke. :’)

Now, about season 4… A lot of people seem to be saying “Be happy that it’s not 0 episodes” and a bunch of crap like that. I admit, I am happy about that. I was pretty upset when it was confirmed that it would only be 6, but started to get over it by the time the episode aired. But honestly, after seeing that finale, I’m pissed off again. And I mean really pissed off. How could they think that 6 episodes is gonna be enough to wrap up the entire show, after everything that happened in the finale? I feel like if they manage to finish it in 6 episodes, then it’ll all feel really rushed and hard to follow. As much as I would love for them to have a full fourth season of 22 episodes, I’m starting to realize that that would probably be too much, but 6 is just absolutely not enough. I feel like the show would need at least 10 episodes to conclude it properly, but preferably 13. The writers need to take their time with the storyline, because it’s just going to majorly decrease the quality of the show if its all rushed like that. 

I don’t know why, but I have this strong feeling that we can win this fight, and get them to extend it to 13 episodes (honestly, I’d even be fine with 10, just please, not 6). Would it be so bad if I didn’t watch season 4 at all? I like how season 3 ended, and I don’t know if I wanna watch a rushed season 4. Maybe if it was longer, I’d be more interested in seeing how it plays out, but with just 6 episodes? I think I prefer the ending it has right now (for me anyway, I’m not saying they should cancel it). I want my experience with Nikita to end on a somewhat good note, and that ending was bittersweet. With Division being blown up, the team all together in a safe house, just like in season 2 (except with Sonya instead of Sean), and even Nikita on the run. It was all bitter sweet, a happy ending & a sad ending all mixed together. 

If I quit the show, it would be for my own closure. It’s not about being a true fan or not. It’s not about me boycotting the writers & the show or anything like that. It’s for my own personal reason of having my experience of watching this show end the way season 3 did. A part of me wishes I stopped watching after season 2, but I know I would have regretted that. I’ll always love this show. Nothing will ever change that fact. I can’t deny how absolutely amazing the writing is, and the pure, raw talent of all of the actors and actresses on the show. It’s an emotional roller coaster every week, and I’m personally very happy that I decided to give this show a chance last year (I only started watching the show a few days before the winter hiatus of S2 ended; and I marathoned the whole show in that short time so I could start watching it live in January with everyone else). But if the CW doesn’t decide to extend the show, either to a 10-13 episode long season (also, feel free to give it a full season lol) or even another shortened 5th season, then I don’t think I’m going to watch it. 

I feel like I’m getting repetitive here, but that ending… it was just perfect. The cliffhangers weren't as bad as I thought they would be. I would honestly be okay filling in what happens by myself. I feel like it would be less painful than a rushed, forced, shortened final season. I just think that would be too much for me to handle. 

Like I said before, this isn’t about anything else. I just… I don’t want season 4 to end up ruining the show for me. And who knows? If it doesn’t get extended (which for some reason, I have this strong feeling that it will, but I could be wrong) and I do stop watching, in a year or two (or more), depending on how long it takes me to accept that Nikita is over and move on, I’ll go back and watch season 4, just to see what they did with it. But having to wait until 2014, I feel like I’ll be over it by then, and not even want to watch S4, especially if I’m having these feelings now. So when I’ve finally accepted the pain, and let go of the wonderful actors that I’ve grown to love so much this past year and a half, the amazing friends I’ve made by joining this fandom, and the show itself, I just might go back and watch season 4, or I might not. I know that no matter what happens (if it gets extended or not), the writers will do a fantastic job with it. I know after Sean’s death I’ve said a few times that I’ve stopped trusting them, but they always deliver. And sometimes, we have to accept that these things happen, and for the other characters to grow, some have to die, or turn into someone completely different. But maybe I won’t be able to accept 6 episodes, and won’t be able to bring myself to watch season 4. I don’t know. But I do have faith in the writers, and I know that for those that do keep watching the show, it’ll be fantastic. 

So I guess this is kind of a farewell to the fandom, in a way. Unless the CW decides to extend the season to at least 10 episodes, I won’t be around to fangirl about the new episodes with the rest of you. I truly will miss all the great friends I’ve made, and I’ll forever be grateful to how welcoming and friendly the entire fandom is. I wouldn’t have wanted to be a part of any other fandom. You guys are by far the greatest, and I hope we can still be friends. And I hope those that are watching the remainder of the series will enjoy it (Yeah, I know you all will, so I guess that goes without saying). And even though they won’t see this, I wish the entire cast the best of luck on the remainder of the show, and in all of the amazing future projects that any one of them will be a part of.

So goodbye Nikita fandom! It was fun while it lasted, and I wish this show could have gone on forever. :)

(PS: I’m sorry this was so long, again… But this is the last one).