nikitameme - [1/8] characters ⇢ Alexandra Udinov

“My father was gunned down in front of me when I was 13-years-old. I was sold into slavery, but I lived. I came out a drug addict, but I got clean. I’ve killed dangerous men and I’ve watched people I love die in my arms. You wanna know what I am? I’m a survivor.”


So I figured since Nikita is on hiatus and we don’t know exactly when it will be back, to keep the tag active and edits coming, it would be an idea to create a meme.  Feel free to change things if you like.

10 Episodes
9 Heartbreaking Moments
8 Characters
7 Relationships (romantic and non-romantic)
6 Fights
5 Outfits
4 Locations
2 Flashbacks
1 Anything! (a video, au moment, song etc)

nikita meme

I made this last week and saw only two days ago that there was one already going, but I’m gonna go ahead with this since the tag has been so full of text posts and I feel like giffing.

Posts will be tagged as ’nikitatv’ and ’nikitaedit’, feel free to reblog this and join if you want. :)

  • one season
  • two deaths
  • three episodes
  • four objects
  • five colors
  • six characters
  • seven relationships
  • eight outfits
  • nine quotes
  • ten scenes

nikitameme - [3/8] characters ⇢ Owen Elliot/Sam Matthews

If we really can’t change, then you’re right. I don’t deserve to live. There’s a lot of my past that I don’t remember and some people say I should be able to live with that, but I can’t. I need to remember. The good… and especially the bad. Otherwise, how am I gonna make up for my sins?”


nikitameme - [6/8] characters ⇢ Ryan Fletcher

“Right. A low level analyst… who was killed; resurrected in a hole filled with criminals and murderers. A low level analyst who’s gone up against the NSS, FBI, CIA, ordered heads of state executed, even kidnapped the President of Uzbekistan from inside the White House. All while living under the threat that someone like you would come in here and put a bullet in my head. So believe me when I tell you: that file you read is in a desperate need of a revision.”