A Love Letter Excerpt: Nikitagale

“As the voice of clear waters, as the stars above the mists of the world, such was her glory and her loveliness; and in her face was a shining light.”

Oh, my love. If all the world be a prison, might I but once a day be allowed to gaze upon your silhouette. I then, will make no effort to escape. All my labors I would make pleasures, and all my toils I would have turned into comforts. Every word echoed from your lips is as an arrow straight through my heart. Your voice is a song, so lovely that no walls could hinder. Your whispers are the voices of the wind, carrying my heart toward you, healing the wounds of my longing desire. For who could deny you their love? You are more beautiful than all the jewels and treasures beneath the earth, and more radiant than all the stars in the sky. There can be no other creature in heaven or earth yet so lovely. My beauty upon beauty. You are a thing so divinely perfect and peerless, one cannot contain your likeness within the confines of an imagination. I am as but one dumb, fallen into enchantment, bound under a spell. A slave to your will. Marry me and I will be your husband, if not I will be your servant. I would walk the rest of this life alone and not be saddened by your answer. But, if asked, I would extend my arms only to place my heart in your hands.  Daughter of the moon, warm me with your kiss. Lead me with your light. For I am beyond my hope in my longing for you. Doom has fallen upon me. And I beyond all limits of this or any world do love and cherish you. Slain in by all capable bliss and grief I wander in the depths of my own heart. Searching for you, my Nikitagale.