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Types of BTS stans
  • Namjoon stans: fake deep but extremely aesthetic, the biggest perverts out of all ARMYs, would gladly drown themselves in namjoon's dimples, 50% secondhand embarrassment, 50% proud moms, wives and girlfriends
  • Seokjin stans: almost as fabulous as their bias and they know it, hella sassy, everyone wants to be friends with them, jin makes them either very emotional or very horny, there's no in between
  • Yoongi stans: sarcastic af but also very soft, they think they're savage but in reality they're sweet as sugar, actually really nice but they won't admit it, usually art hoes, yoongi spitting fire is their aesthetic
  • Hoseok stans: 150% chill, 100% sunshine and rainbows, spreading love all around the world, can watch hobi dance 25/8, in love with literally everything their bias does but tbh who can blame them, this guy poops glitter
  • Jimin stans: protection squad hoes even though they sin all day everyday, addicted to sexy/cute jimin videos, not even trying to pretend they're pure but somehow they're actual fluff balls, screamers
  • Taehyung stans: adorable little shits, they say inappropriate stuff without realizing, very friendly and loyal, like to talk a lot about things that make them happy, probably running a sideblog for taehyung's eyebrows
  • Jungkook stans: in constant denial that their bias is an adult now, most likely leather pants biggest fans, they want to fight kook pretty much all the time, legit memes, good puns, either 200% chill or -17462% chill

La strinse forte come se lei fosse tutta la vita e gliela volessero portar via. La strinse sentendo che lei era tutta la vita che poteva esserci per lui.
— Ernest Hemingway.