warning for really long post

okay i have… some thoughts on the kucherov comments lol? because i think the situation deserves context

1. im pretty opposed to teammate stuff being dragged out in the open ? but this reminds me of oscar klefbom’s comments in re: oilers last year. european superstar does interview in his native language that is very harsh, because he is incredibly upset

2. his comments are very clearly directed at alex killorn. for context killorn makes 4.45 million against the cap and scored at a pace of 0.44 points per game.

3. nikita kucherov got fucked over HARD by the lightning in terms of his contract. he was a point per game player (85 points in 74 games, 1.15 points per game), the player with the least amount of games played amongst the top 10 point scorers, and the rocket richard runner-up.

he’s had 3 consecutive 60+ point seasons, has lead the bolts in scoring for the past two, and was the 3rd highest scoring forward on the lightning in his sophomore season.

he is not on an ELC. he makes 4.25 million. he SHOULD be making at least 6 million, but took a discount so tampa could have wiggle room to sign their guys. he did this to be a team player and he’s allowed to be frustrated that the guys he took less to re-sign didn’t perform.

4. early in his career kucherov got ripped to shreds by the media and his coach at the time, patrick roy, for being lazy. likely because he’s russian and that’s a very popular media narrative. for the record, anyone who’s seen him play can say he’s not lazy at all.

5. it’s gotta be frustrating to be a player who is going to get torn apart at the smallest hint of not giving 110% and watch certain players, who are getting paid more than you, be passengers on your line while you carry a hurt team on your back and outperform everyone, not get a single ounce of criticism from most media coverage

6. and that’s because the media coverage focuses on you, because you have to perform amazingly even though you’re stuck on a contract beneath you for the next 2 years.

7. that being said, was killorn that bad? no, but he wasn’t giving it 100% all year. and it’s easy to blame people who were there rather than be like, well, we were injured really badly this year. it’s 100% easier to stomach failure when you can pin it on a human target.

8. also jon cooper doesn’t like jonathan drouin. noticeably. kucherov played real well with drouin for the short time they played together and cooper didn’t keep them together. maybe he wanted his lines to be balanced but a line blender isn’t exactly the best thing for chemistry. he’s a real good coach and he shouldn’t be fired; stamkos went down and that fucked with the line chemistry.

IDK, man, i don’t think this should’ve been said publicly, but nikita kucherov doesn’t pull his punches, and he doesn’t have a reason to when he’s playing the way he does on the contract that he’s got. by all means his teammates do love him.