nikita shit


It’s gonna be pretty special if I play with them one day, all those Russians - Radulov, Emelin, Markov, Scherby. It’s gonna be pretty special to have like five guys on your team who speak Russian. Galchenyuk, he speaks Russian, but he’s American. It’s gonna be pretty special.


get to know me meme: [two/five] favorite female characters ■ alexandra udinov

My father was gunned down in front of me when I was thirteen years old. I was sold into slavery, but I lived. I came out a drug dealer, but I got cleaned. I’ve killed dangerous men, and I’ve watched people I love die in my arms. You want to know what I am? I’m a survivor.


…tere sang yaara khush rang bahara… 


michael & nikita | if you die, I die (x)


goodbye nikita. season one picspam (one cap per episode)