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The Teenagers They Were Supposed To Be

Fic request: 

  • after years of Lydia barely recognizing Stiles’ existence, and even a couple years of being close friends, she finally gives into her deep feelings of love for Stiles and all of his dorky, caring, protective ways. Maybe a line where after Stiles does something odd/dorky & Scott: “What an idiot” and laughs, Lydia: “Yeah well he’s MY idiot” and smiles. Possessive!Lydia… :)
  • stiles and lydia and maybe the pack too decide to go to the beach, or to a party or just hang out together and disconnect from all the supernatural and just have a good time together

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: sarahreesemd [AO3]

Author’s Note: I took a little liberty with the prompt so I hope that’s okay and you guys still like it. I also have decided Allison stays alive because I am in denial. Oh and I apologize for any mistakes I make with the geography of California. I know nothing about the state let alone where the fictional town of Beacon Hills is. Saying that, I hope you guys like it!

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Original MCU Avengers and Netflix:

Tony Stark: House. Mad Men. Zoolander.

Bruce Banner: All documentaries. Fringe. Twin Peaks. Star Trek. The X Files. Doctor Who.

Natasha Romanoff: Alias. Nikita. The Black List. Orange is the New Black. 

Clint Barton: Dance Moms. Switched at Birth. Clueless. Psych. 

Steve Rogers: Natasha teaches Steve about Netflix. It is a disaster. On the plus side, he can catch up on a whole ton of pop culture. But then it becomes an all out addiction. 


shinykari  asked:

I'm really nervous about them making Angie a Hydra agent sent to watch/take out Peggy (pleeasssse no) but if she's Red Room, I think I could handle that. And then she goes back to the Room and tells baby Natalia and her sisters about Peggy Carter, the only mark who outsmarted her, and Natalia follows Peggy's career obsessively, and sees how awesome she is, and so when SHIELD offers her a job, she takes it in a hot second, because she wanted to be Peggy Carter when she grew up, and this is as ...

[close] as she can get with all the red in her ledger…

Yeah, when they first introduced Angie, I was like, …..pleeeeeeease don’t be evil. I was mostly putting that forward as a crossover between Nikita and Agent Carter because as much as Alex could get frustrating (hell, they all could), I adored her character so much. But I actually just want Angie to not be evil or die because I really want her to stick around and be Peggy’s friend forever. She’s not an official SHIELD agent, but you know several times over their long friendship, she bailed Peggy’s ass out of some shady crap, but they never really bring it up. They’re buddies. They go shopping and they’re the godmothers of each other’s children, and those kids grow up together, and they’re best friends in the nursing home with loads of stories about each other.

“Remember that time we met the Italian ambassador?”

“Oh, that’s right, I remember that quite clearly, you told him to go do several unfavorable things to a goat. In his native language, which I wasn’t aware you spoke until that moment.”

“You think with a name like Martinelli I can’t curse out some Italian know-it-all?”

“I still can’t visit Italy without going through three times the amount of paperwork as the others.”

But barring that? Angie unknowingly starting an admiration for Peggy in young Natalia? 10000000000% here for it.