nikita accessories


Before summer ends, I would have my last hurrah here in Plantation Bay Cebu. I wasn’t really able to plan my outfits, let alone, buy new ones so i made do of what i have in my closet =) 

Since there’s gonna be alot of physical activity i chose to be comfortable…

these are the only swimsuits i was able to bring with me, the green one and the hi waist retro swimsuit are from NUDO =) a very reliable brand that gives their customers both quality and beauty =) and you’ll also love the owner - Karren Tinagan, she’s super nice =)

Well, for our first activity i chose to wear the green one and pair it with a tank top and floral shorts, to add more chicness, I opt to wear this necklace from Cravemore and to top it off pair with sackeys pretty sunglasses (thought i left mine, found that my love put it in the pocket of my backpack =)sweet ryt?)

since naikalat ko na lahat ng gamit ko sa kakahanap ng isusuot, natawa ako when i saw na sobrang dami kong dalang accessories, parang may pictorial lang! =) 

these are my fave necklaces! aren’t they pretty?! =)

this one is from FOREVER21 - 1st thing i bought at the sm north branch 

I bought this piece at a bazaar in Bangkok, pretty no? perfect with a plain white shirt =)

This lovely piece is from NIKITA ACCESSORIES one of the first batch i hoarded from Nike Nadal, the uber talented owner of NIKITA =)

This is my latest piece, I bought it last wednesday at the smx convention hall superb bazaar. It’s from CRAVE MORE, they sell 1 piece each design only =) and lastly, 1 of my fave also - 

this one is from a shop in Bangkok also, i got it for 120baht only, very cheap for a very beautiful piece like this =)

Just as I love these necklaces i took a photo of my pretty earrings too! =)

I hope that with all these accessories I brought with me that i’d get to use them so i need not be lazy, career ang outfitey! =)

I’ll post some photos from our team building soon! watch out, it’s gonna be a lotta fun guys! see yah! =)