This is a post full of underrated youtubers that you should totally check out (you could add more if you want)

- NikiNSammy (

- Evan Edinger (

- Ashley Mardell (

- Cherry Wallis (

- JamesChats (

- Will Darbyshire (

- Rose & Rosie (

- Jack and Dean (

- Andrew Lowe (

- Shannon and Cammie (


We thought we’d help you out with that new Kim Kardashian: Hollywood obsession that you’ve recently developed.

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My favorite screen caps of Alexander Skarsgård from the interview he did with Margot Robbie and Niki & Sammy. #LegendofTarzan (Uploaded July 10, 2016 - shot in London)

Watch the video here: MARGOT ROBBIE LOVES TWINS | NikiNSammy 

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YouTube the video game

Part 2

I know there are a lot of youtubers missing but i tried my hardest to get as many people in it at least once, so sorry if I missed your fave but its impossible to put everyone in it but if you like this one then I could make a second one