Sorry I’m running a bit late posting today. I had a full weekend that has left me feeling a bit under the weather.

Anyhow, on Saturday, if the midst of my busy weekend, I was photo editing and listening to Michael Jackson songs.

Wanna Be Starting Something is probably my favorite MJ song of all time and contains some of the greatest lyrics ever, “mama say mama sah mama coo sah”. No, I don’t know what that means, but it’s pretty great. In reasearching the phrase, I found that it came from some musical style in Cameroon, Mamakoosa. So, I made the design in the colors of the flag of Cameroon.

I’ve wanted to actually print this tee shirt for a long time and someone may already have that I don’t know about. But, I’d probably switch up the colors.

If you come from another planet and have no idea which Michael song I’m talking about, check this out. The song was more recently sampled by Rihanna (LOVE HER) in Please Don’t Stop the Music. I’d have to say, Middle Eastern skinned with the greasy perm may just be my favorite MJ face era.


Ok, so between interning, a Cardinals game (post season, what! what!), the first debate, and a photo shoot, I’ve been pretty busy. Said business led to my forgetting to collaborate on a design with James! Sorry James!

I know…BOO me! But, as a consellation, I will post one of the photos I’ve edited from the photo shoot that I did with my friend Amanda’s little baby boy, Owen. He’s super small, super cute, and a super good model…most of the time. I don’t want to give away too much so it’s just a tiny glimpse.

PS I LOVE little feet. HATE adult feet…so gross!


I really need to change the name of Tuesday’s posts because I don’t think I’ve posted in ad in awhile. But, I want to share things! So, deal. HAHAHA kidding.

This week, my niece is turning FOUR! I will be in Columbia, but I wanted to get her the book Oh, The Places You’ll Go because you’re never too young to learn that you build your own future and I wanted to design a few prints with quotes from the book and frame them for her.

Here is the first one I did. The others will be similar in color palette and design.

Hope she likes them! Despite the kerning needed in AIR, I think it’s pretty sweet!


September 11th, 2001. A day that will always be remembered. When the attack happened, I was a senior in high school. I had made good grades throughout school and I was pretty much day dreaming away my senior year awaiting college next fall. I was sitting in my Consumer Economics class and I was bored. Suddenly, the TV was on.

I’m not sure if I was tired from the umpteenth extracurricular activities that I participated in, but I really didn’t grasp the severity of the situation. Maybe at 17 years old, my mind was filled with my current crush, doodling on notebook paper, or remembering the songs from choir class. I remember people exaggerating, like they did about everything in high school: “so-and-so was in the building”, “a plane is heading toward St. Louis”, etc. I remember the teachers telling us that we could go home if we wanted. I didn’t.

I guess maybe that sense of … not ambivalence…obliviousness is why 11 years later, I am fascinated with that day. I’m intrigued by the government’s knowledge and tracking of al-Queda prior to the event. I’m overwhelmed with horror watching footage of people jumping to a most definite death to avoid the hell inside the towers. But mostly, I am still oblivious. This time though, I am completely at a loss of how to feel, think, and act in a world where this can occur. A world where you must not be scared, but must be cautious. One where I want to be tolerant and accepting of other cultures, but know there are so many that hate mine. All I can do is think of the loved ones of the innocent. All I can do is try to show compassion to my loved ones. All I can do is try to accept every single second as a gift.

All I can do is remember.



Not going to lie. I’m tired and totally forgot it was Saturday. I thought it was Sunday.

Anyway, this is Wale Adeyemi. He’s a Nigerian born-British fashion designer.

All, I can say about his personal brand is “Good God”. On top of my love of menswear with a street style twist, no one can resist a brotha with a British accent. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Photo credit:



Not to be biased, but I kind of love Joe Biden. Everyone loves an old, goofy dude. That’s why people love my dad. That’s why people say I’m funny because my sense of humor come from my dad.

I have frequently (jokingly) said that Biden kills Ryan in the looks department, but it turns out at one point, in separate generations, I was right! Check out this and more Biden/Ryan comparisons here

I hope everyone enjoyed last night’s debate as much as I did! It was fairly matched for the most part and I think a much better display for the like 15 Undecideds in the country to make their decision. Don’t forget to vote!  


Via my Facebook page insights, Thoughtful Thursday seems to be a favorite feature of my blog. However, it’s been kind of difficult getting people to submit interview questions. So, I’m probably going to switch out this feature next week. This being the final Thoughtful Thursday, my friend Erica (see last week) suggested I interview the creative I know best. This week, you’ll meet Niki Madison. Graphic Designer. Art Director. Twitter Comedianne.

What is creativity to you? Do you consider yourself to be creative? Why or why not?

To me, creativity is more of a conceptual process than anything. It’s spontaneous at first, like my friend and I may be talking and one of us says something funny. Creativity is taking that moment and making it bigger than that. For example, two friends and I were randomly sitting outside of a Burger King saying Burger King in an British accent. Next thing I know, we’d come up with a concept for a campaign targeting women and trying to increase their consumption of burgers through ads featuring famous queens. Burger King…fit for a queen. That’s creativity to me. So, yeah, I guess I can be pretty creative because that line of drawing connections is pretty quick for me. Don’t steal that idea!

How do you critique your own work?

I don’t do it enough, probably. I try to pass the ‘does it look good to me’ test, the 'does it look good to a few colleagues’ test, and the 'have I seen this everywhere right now’ test. Hopefully, I haven’t seen it too often, and my colleagues like it as much as I do.

How do you manage to stay both personal and original in your creative endeavors?

I try to stay personal by keeping within my colorful, illustrative style of design. I try to keep things as clean as I can. I’m envious of some web designers that have the cleanest aesthetic I’ve ever seen. I feel that even if a client wants something totally out of my usual aesthetic, I can somehow incorporate some personality and met their needs.

How to you deal with the rejection that is inevitable in the creative industry?

I start a blog and try to update it every day in between applying for jobs. Seriously, sometimes it totally keeps me sane. Other times, I will look at designs by creatives that I admire and I study them. Just stare and critique what I might be able to do differently in my designs to get my work to that higher level.

What is your favorite creative accomplishment?

Get back to me in a few years. That sounds like I’m not proud of what I’ve done…I am. But, I feel like I strive to do more ALL the time. One degree wasn’t enough, neither was two. I’d like to write a book someday. I may try to pay down some school loans and go back for my PhD because I really did enjoy teaching. There’s always something to do. I don’t know that I’ll ever be truly “finished” achieving goals. It’s not that I don’t have vision; that thirst for more keeps me alive. That wanting to experience more. I detest the word “settle”. Right now, I guess I get a little body buzz when people tell me they think I have real design talent. It’s very flattering… but see me in a few years. :)

If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

Hmmm…that’s hard. I love food items. But, I guess, if I had to pick, I’d say that my design would taste like my favorite frozen yogurt chain coming up with a bourbon butter pecan flavor. I would, of course, top that flavor with Oreo pieces and approximately 1 piece of kiwi because it’s a thing I do every time I go there. My design is fun, made with sweetness, and a little bit deliciously intoxicating.

Thank you to those who have contributed to Thoughtful Thursday! You are awesome!


This isn’t an ad so much. I just wanted to show my support for the Cardinals, especially after tonights upset.

Lots of people are making their own Facebook cover photos, so I thought I would use my skills and follow suit.

If you have any interest in one of these, send me a message with your e-mail and I can send it to you or download it here.



song: Grandloves - Purity Ring feat. Young Magic

In life, we meet people. Sometimes the way we meet them is randomly amazing. Sometimes we form a sort of bond. Then it may get deeper. Quickly. And then one of us just stops feeling. Then the other may say horrible things in anger. The other may feel that those words were inexcusable. Everything is left a mess. But one of us may value bonds and may not open up emotionally to others easily. We may still have things that we want to say or aches that we feel. Everyday we wake up wishing one of two things will happen: the hurt will stop and/or the other would contact them. And neither of these things happen.  

I mean, I don’t know from personal experience or anything. That’s just how this song makes me feel…

Check it out here


I’m getting ready to go to the mall to find an outfit for my class reunion.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. High school was ok. I wasn’t one of those people who LOVED high school. I wasn’t one of those people who hated high school. I liked socializing and excelled in my classes. But mostly, high school was just awkward. I don’t feel like you really know who you are in high school and I thank God for college and grad school (the best years of my life). I don’t know that emotional clusterfuckation and hormonal awkwardness are to be celebrated.

Despite that, I told one of my life-long friends that I would go to reunion. And, there may or may not be someone I’m interested in seeing and inquiring if they’re single going. So, I have to look good.

I’m not so much one of those people who is overly body conscious, I’ve been giantly tall and plus sized since I was like 5. I’m not really crash dieting, but I may work out a few times in the upcoming month. I feel like I can look good no matter what because I show my personality through my clothing.

Now the question is, what do I wear??? I’m not sure, but I really hope it involves this blazer!


My insomnia has forced my to watch marathons of teen shows on MTV. That’s how I came up with this concept. I despise ads for feminine hygiene products. They never say what women need to hear. We don't always need to run a marathon. We don’t always need to perform in a ballet. Outside of making it through school and/or work, there’s probably a good cry and some ice cream needed. But really, all we need to know is: Is this product going to make my life less inconvenienced by the fact that I feel awful? Simple as that. As I said, teen ads have been on my radar lately; so it was either this or acne medication.

Photo credit found here


Due to Labor Day, there is a shortened version of NikJam. It’s ok, it’s a good one!

James sent me an illustration of what appears to be his girlfriend, C'ne (last name changed to protect the innocent). I assume he wanted me to change the hair style like one of those Barbie heads because it was entitled “Get Yo Hurr Did”.

However, my friend Erica and I once imagined a league of “urban” superheroes. These characters would all play up stereotypes. One of these characters was a hair stylist that wouldn’t hesitate to tell you when your ‘do was off and her superpower was to instant fix you up. Hence, the blow dryer in her holster.

BOOM! C'ne “Get Yo Hair Did” Jenkins