Have you picked up the new issue yet? Here’s our pretty cover model with hers. 😘 Repost from @nikiaphoenix “The new issue of @munaluchibride is out. I’ll be posting pics from the spread with photography by @elizabethmessina soon. But you have to grab a copy for yourself. I feel so blessed. #munaluchibride #nikiaphoenix #covermodel #bridal #freckles #work”

"Je sais que je ne suis pas parfaite, j’ai toutes ces tâches de rousseurs sur mon visage, j’ai des cicatrices et vergetures. Quand je me regarde dans le miroir parfois je vois toutes ces choses et d’autres fois non.

Oui, j’ai vécu des moments où je souhaitais passée inaperçue dans la foule avec mes défauts. Mais à présent je suis heureuse et fière, car grâce à ces bons et mauvais moments, j’ai appris à aimer ce qui fait ce que je SUIS.”

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"I believe that every girl and every woman around the world deserves a chance and equal opportunities. The playing field isn’t always level. Each year hundreds of thousands of people around the world fall victim to human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Let me be even more specific. Sex slaves. My heart hurts just thinking about it. Human trafficking largely affects women and children. They make up the more than 3 million victims of India’s sex trade. It’s a reality that cannot go ignored. For those who do make it out, society isn’t always kind to them. The road to emancipation and redemption is tough for the girls who manage to escape the sex trade, but many end up returning to prostituition to support themselves. They feel they have no where else to go. It’s a vicious cycle. This is why International Princess Project exists."

Thank you so much, Nikia, for working with us. And, helping spread the message of HOPE for the ladies and their children!!

Check out her Model Liberation blog:

There’s been a lot of talk lately about self acceptance and natural hair. Trust me, I get it. My hair type isn’t exactly what most women covet. Despite what others may say, I love it just the way it is… Short and kinky! Do you love yours? Join the discussion on ze blog. #naturalhair #shorthair #kinkygirlsdoitbetter #nikiaphoenix #curlygirl (at www.