Saturday Summer In The City Schedule!


Pun Panel with Evan Edinger, Niki Albon & Sammy Albon
How To Start The Next Great YouTube Channel with MyPaleSkin & BarelyProductions
Cereal Time with Jimmy Hill & Charlie McDonnell


How To Start Your Vlogging Channel with Jamie Paul, Myles Wheeler, Steven Bridges, Savannah Brown, Niki Albon, Sammy Albon & Lily Melrose
Dealing With Trolls with Paul Neafcy, Cherry Wallis, Thomas Ridgewell, Ellen Richardson, Gary C, Lewis Parker & Scola Dondo
Music On YouTube with Hannah Trigwell, Meghan Tonjes, RoomieOfficial, Mark Douglas, MikeyBolts & KierFVK


Ethnicity & Diversity Online with Oliver Greaves, Scola Dondo, Patricia Bright, Jana Damanhouri & Eman Kellam
Women Who Game with Ellen Richardson, LDShadowLady, Amy Lee Thirty3, Catrific, Strawburry17, Yasmin Uddin & TheEnglishSlimmer
Creator / Viewer Divide with Luke Cutforth, Dodie Clark, Charlie McDonnell, Jamie Jo, Kiera Rose, Onna Boden & Mamrie Hart


YouTube alongside work and school with Chris Foxx, Bethan Leadley, Jenny Bingham, Daniel J Layton, Jonti Picking, Siobhán McDonnell
Travel with Laurbubble, Ben Brown, Bry & Candice, Doug A, Evan Edinger & Steve Booker
LGBTQ+ with Alex Bertie, Laci Green, Riyadh Khalif & Callum McSwiggan
YouTube’s New Creator Showcase with Michel Stevens, Jake Roper, Todd Womack & Mark Douglas


Fashion & Beauty with Patricia Bright, Joseph Harwood, Emily-Victoria Canham, Alexa Losey, Melanie Murphy & Rhiannon Ashlee
Creative Process with Jamie Paul, Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Benjamin Cook, Arden Rose, Strawburry17, MikeyBolts & Josh Leyva


Relationships Online with Vinnie + Luke, Tom + Jamie Jo & Bry + Candice
How To Collab with Steven Bridges, Laurbubble & Sam King
Comedy On YouTube with Jimmy Hill, Mamrie Hart, Thomas Ridgewell, Jack Howard, Dean Dobbs, Amelia Mandeville, Grace Mandeville & Jonti Picking