niki's college experience

things that honestly feel amazing and i can’t believe i only started doing them this year: an incomplete list:

  1. having a todo list
  2. checking things off of said todo list
  3. having a schedule of when to check things off from the todo list
  4. sticking to that schedule
  5. being productive before noon
  7. writing papers from an outline (so easy??)
  8. finding a process for getting work done
    1. like todo lists, for example
  9. getting to the library when it’s still sunny and nice out and sitting by the big windows
  10. listening to the “sprouting potatoes” track from The Martian soundtrack

So I was walking in to my residence hall today and I get a call from Chris (the guy with the broom).

Me: Hello?
Him: Where are you?
Me: Just walking in, why?
Him: Come up to my room right now.
—end phone call—

So I go up to his floor and walk in on him and Andrew playing real life fruit ninja with a cucumber in the hallway.

I don’t know what I expected college to be but I’m glad it’s like this

my team got first in the hackathon and won nexus 7s i attribute our success mostly to chris and blade because i didn’t do much but logos like what you’re seeing there and design but but but as soon as i can throw together a wifi network from my computer i’m gonna make myself an expert in droid development because i can do that on windows (ios dev is restricted to macs and/or other machines running like hackintosh or whatever)

but yeah if you ever hear about toss (that’s what we’re calling it) taking the app store by storm once we refine the ios version and port it to droid you’ll know someone directly involved in the project from the start so you’re welcome

i’ll write up more about toss later because it’s actually pretty cool but i gotta restart this laptop and screw around with my computer’s network settings because i need wifi

first day of class went off without a hitch provided broken a/c in calc 2 lecture and a superabundance of people in the cs 125 lecture don’t count as hitches

beyond that me and some friends messed around with some oobleck and then joined a game of capture the flag that happened on the quad

also me and some people have been tossing around ios app ideas even though none of us know objective c yet if you can think of anything your iphone/ipod can’t do that you want it to let me know plsthx