niki lopez

Jlaw trying to do the Whip in a cute way and she’s nailing it!!! 😍😍😍



Our Nick Creators and Papercutz mini-comics artists signing at the Nickelodeon  SDCC booth!

From left to right based on the top pic:
Anna O’Brian (Artist, Harvey Beaks)
Charlie Gavin (Artist, Harvey Beaks)
Niki Lopez (Artist, Harvey Beaks)
Gary Doodles (Co-Creator, Breadwinners)
Dave Cooper (Co-Creator, Pig Goat Banana Cricket)
David Sacks (EP, Pig Goat Banana Cricket)
Johnny Ryan (Co-Creator, Pig Goat Banana Cricket)
Jordan Rosato (Artist, The Loud House)
Chris Savino (Creator, The Loud House)