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Ask about little 7 year old wear lolita dress because of Kisa.... how little fushimi look like with lolita dress and long hair?

Cute ♡


So here’s a very old comic that I did but never posted and I honestly forget why I made this
(and I forgot undyne’s eyepatch god damn it)

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What if Anna goes back in time and sees Little!Saru?

Imagine Anna gets sent back in time and she’s not sure what to do because she’s all alone and she doesn’t even know exactly when she is. So she’s walking around in the dark and she spots someone sitting alone in a park. The figure looks a little familiar and Anna holds up a marble to her eye. Then she smiles just a little and says “Saruhiko” as she walks up next to him. Fushimi’s just sitting there alone on a bench because maybe Niki left him there just for laughs or Kisa dropped him off there so he wouldn’t bother her and forgot to pick him back up. Little Saruhiko’s all surprised to see this random girl in frilly clothes walking around alone at night but he probably figures her parents are as shitty as his so he doesn’t really say anything, just looks down quietly. Anna starts making small talk with him a little, like she asks his name and everything but she doesn’t ask him about his parents at all. Saruhiko answers but he’s really cute and shy and kinda gloomy, so Anna smiles at him and touches his hand. They have kind of a nice little chat together and it’s really cute and maybe Saruhiko finally asks if Anna’s family left her behind too. Anna says that no, they should be coming for her soon and Saruhiko will have someone like that too eventually, so he shouldn’t give up yet. Saruhiko’s all confused but Anna tells him he’ll understand eventually and then she waves goodbye to him as she gets up to leave because she can feel the Strain power wearing off. Saruhiko tries to go after her and all he finds is a red marble lying on the ground. He takes it home and leaves it under his pillow and gets the calmest sleep he’s ever had for a week until Niki finds it and shatters it (and it cuts Niki’s palm pretty bad though and he has trouble getting the fragments out, almost as if it was on purpose).

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Compliment - @myself i'm cool

Positivity meme
Status: YES

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[We all know you’re cool, Niki. Look at those sunglasses :p (Yes, I know it’s you, you even admitted it). How do I even compliment you? I mean, you’re the most wonderful and beautiful lady and I couldn’t be any happier to call you my fiancée. I know it’s horribly cliché to say that, but I feel so lucky to be with you, I still don’t know why you chose me, but I won’t complain. Even your writing and gifs making are wonderful, I’m starting to wonder if there’s something you cannot do. Oh, and also you can play the guitar. You totally succeeded at flirting with me by playing, bonus point to you. I love you so much. Also 10/10 would recommend following those blogs.]

*screams Legs by ZZ Top for 12 hours straight*

With added closeup shot b/c Kickback is really pretty and i want you all to know