niki look!!

(need confirmation but) It seems that Nyx’s age is confirmed to be 32 (during the movie) by the art director Kenji Niki…? Looks like he was 20 years old in the beginning of the movie (when Niflheim attacked Tenebrae). Crowe will be 26, 27, a bit older than Luna.
Niki-san said that he wanted to present the world with a different aspect by seeing it through characters that have different age from Noctis and co.

(And seems like he’s preparing some sort of 1 year anniversary of Kingsglaive?! Holy Moly isn’t that 9 July in Japan asfgggdlasskfggg)


A couple shots from colossalcon!

I had such a good time as Prompto, it was honestly ridiculous.  I met so many great new people and took so many selfies.  Ironically enough, wearing Prom was a legit confidence booster. Cuz normally i’m way to shy to ask people for photos, let alone ask to take a selfie. 

Cosplayer: @kaijuscientists

Photog: @sedamagpie

Y’all wanted a Broadway AU huh? (This was gonna be longer but I might use it for a plot thing??? idk enjoy it)

  • “Love on Ice” is a story that Yuuri poured his soul, life expenses, and prayers into while staying in his and Phichit’s shitty apartment. He bases the lead on himself, and the other lead on- ugh, totally not Victor Nikiforov the FACE of Broadway??? shut up

  • After graduation, Yuuri decides to move to New York to follow his dreams. Phichit promises to follow after him once he gets his own degree (He wants to be a filmmaker) 

  • In a stroke of luck he finds a pretty amazing apartment for really cheap by someone named Niki. The more Yuuri looks at it he wonders if his future roommate was just really lonely or a serial killer.

  • Phichit and him debate on it until they get plastered and Yuuri drunk messages him. He has no idea what he mailed him (And the e-mail is mysteriously gone from his outbox) but the next morning he has the place, a key in the mail, and way too many ;) ending the message. 

  • Yuuri opens the door and- “You’re Victor Nikiforov. Nikiforov. Niki. Omg my roommate is Victor Nikiforov.” And Victor is just like oh hi in cheeto dust covered sweatpants holding a script and no shirt and Yuuri is going to die. 

  • Victor is finishing his spot as Roger Davis in Rent. Yuuri tries his best to “stay out of Victor’s way” but Victor keeps trying to drag him along. 

  • A week in and Victor knocks on the Yuuri’s door and basically begs him to go over a song with him. Turns out it’s “Out Tonight” (”We have to do both songs or I won’t get into the moment Yuuri!”) and “Another Day”.

  • Victor learns that 1) Yuuri can dance. He can really dance. Omg can he dance. 2) Yuuri can sing?? Amazingly??? Who the hell is his new roommate

  • Another scene is Chris (Mark Cohen) asking Yuuri for help with “Tango Maureen”. Halfway through things get a little…personal. 

  • Yuuri ends up showing Victor his script drunk (After it’s been denied/returned unread for the 25th time) and he’s stunned…this is amazing. Who the hell is this guy???

  • “I’m going to put your show on Broadway Yuuri! And we’ll both be starring in it!” 

  • Yuuri is ok until he remembers the…the many many many romantic scenes between his and Victor’s character.