niki i did make for you

I feel like tumblr is too hard on the Beatles. Like, a lot of fans are hella pretentious and they are by no means the epitome of fine art, but like, they are really good. You can hate the fans all you want, hell you can even hate the music but Paul and John did have serious song writing talent and I think we should respect that.
Also like
Have you heard their music
It’s very good
It’s not boring as shit like tumblr claims
Listen to Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
Listen to Back in the USSR
Listen to Revolution 9 for gods sake
Then try to tell me it’s boring
Because like, whatever else you want to say about the Beatles, they were at least different.
And please don’t make fun of someone if they legit like their music
You can appreciate Niki Minaj and the Beatles
It doesn’t have to be one or the other Jesus Christ
You don’t have to hate older music just to prove you enjoy new stuff too


Duckybabu and Jinnyfish being disgusting on hangout. /u\ 

These pics make me so happy!! Do you see how cute my bae is? I also did niki’s nails, ehehhh <3

Not only did I get to make pancakes all morning with my favorite little guy, BUT I also received a phone call giving me the green light to set the date for my clothing line debut. May 28th will be the day of the launch party (watch out for the details) and May 29th will be the official date the line is released. You’ll be able to order the clothes on or definitely come into the store in person. You guys are gonna witness Nikie Batiste officially stir some shit up in the industry.