niki (oc)


Instagram requests feat. a new baby to love: Boba


Niki’s new redesign! I love her old design still and will probably draw them interchangeably but this will be her new look for canon purposes. The design means a lot to me for personal reasons.

The two black string things are ribbons from the coat.

Thank you to everyone who came to watch stream!


used a drawing subject randomizer and the subject was

>MC of the thing you plan to work on but haven’t

>after fight club

oh god what. needless to say it was fun to draw, albeit taking a while. I’m not entirely satisfied (wondering if my anatomy has improved….) but at least I’m not giving her a huge rack anymore. also was gonna be in a ponytail but have short-hair Niki instead.

those probably aren’t fight club clothes but ok (oops im not supposed to talk about fightclub ohgod)

this is probably what she normally looks like on the job (scary)