niketa calame

Three things that happened today that worry me

1.I choked on a burnt strawberry Pop Tart.  First off, why am I still eating pop tarts?  Wait-why can’t I cook them properly?  Woah-I’m 23, why can’t I eat?  I can feel the strawberry in my lungs when I exhale.*

2.I found out that I’ve been following the wrong Raven Symone on Twitter.  I should have known that Raven had more than 230 followers but I wasn’t so sure.  But honestly, is there really a right Raven Symone to follow? (just playing Raven. Luv u gurl!)

3.I discovered I can sing Nala’s parts perfectly in “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”.  Like me and the woman lion have the same singing voice.  Goddamnit.  Why can’t I sing like Johnathon Taylor Thomas or ,ugh, even Matthew Broderick?  Why do I have to sing like Niketa Calame?

*“I can feel the strawberry in my lungs when I exhale, Oh Lord”