Nike Flyknit Collective New York myThread Pavilion Opening Reception
Architectural designer Jenny Sabin unveiled the myThread Pavilion last night–an installation that combines the key tenets of Nike Flyknit technology with the activities and performances of participants from the Nike Flyknit Collective workshops held this past summer at Bowery Stadium.

Nike Flyknit Collective Shanghai: Feather Pavilion Installation
Leading regional innovator, architect, and designer Arthur Huang unveiled the “Feather Pavilion” last week during the Nike Festival of Sport. Check out the visionary manifestation of the four key tenets of Nike Flyknit design (lightness, performance, formfitting and sustainability) here.

Nike Flyknit Collective Tokyo: Workshop 1
Nike Japan hosted its first installment of the Nike Flyknit Collective Tokyo workshops yesterday. During the workshop, guests explored Aoyama equipped with Nike HTM Flyknit  and Nike Fuelbands to gather inspiration that NYC architecture firm Lot-ek will use to build a mobile running station. Check out the recap here.

Nike Flyknit Collective: Arthur Huang
Arthur Huang has been a university professor, engineer, architect and entrepreneur and has been dedicating all his intellectual and physical capacity to create executable sustainable products and building solutions since 2004. His Feather Pavilion exemplifies the core benefits of Flyknit technology–Performance, Lightness, Formfitting and Sustainability. 


Nike Flyknit Collective London: Flyknit Festival
Last night 1948 London launched a newly refurbished Aske Gardens with UVA’s Flyknit-inspired installation for the Flyknit Festival. Guests gathered around the UVA’s Floating Point–three specially-constructed trampolines in the middle of Aske Gardens–to witness a stunning spectacle of light, sound and human skill.


Flyknit Collective London: Daniel Frost
Daniel Frost is a London-based illustrator whose work “draws inspiration from the magical, weird and wonderful to create strange and playful characters, including both 2D image-making and 3D objects. He will be one of our workshop hosts, and we encourage you to check out some of his illustrations here


Flyknit Collective London: Sustainability
Our first challenge to London innovators was “Illustrate a change you want to see in your streets.” We received some great submissions, from public nap areas to iPhone chargers at bus stops, to public frisbee dispensers. All of these submissions will provide the foundation for a discussion exploring the impact sport and creativity has on inner-city neighbourhoods. Check out some more great submissions over at our blog here.

What change do you want to see in the streets of your city?


Flyknit Collective London: Lightness
Those of you either in London or internationally at home have completed our Sustainability Challenge. Ready for the second one? This week we want you to capture movement mid-flight. 

We’ve already received some awesome submissions–keep them coming! Enter the challenge here