One Direction get pranked on Nickelodeon (Good Quality)
Avatar and Korra: An Exploration of Whitewashing and Empowerment

When I first saw Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA) on Nickelodeon, the first thing I thought was, “whoa…”

That was because the main character, Aang, had a skin colour that is similar to mine. Aang was not a stereotypical Asian. He doesn’t wear glasses or have tiny eyes. He has big eyes, like mine. That “whoa…” was one of amazement — because for once there was a character and a whole cartoon series that represents people of my skin colour and those darker than mine! Not only did the cartoon have representation I could identify with, but it is also a great series where the characters are not based on stereotypes.

But of course, awesome things can be destroyed, and racial identities can be robbed very easily…

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