Random Shoe Fact #55

Released in 2005 (Pink Box) the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro ‘Avenger’ was released with two shoes in a pack called the 'Bankers Collection’. Oddly enough, there are two versions of both shoes, a patent leather version, and a leather version. The leather version has been ubiquitous over the years, the patent leather being more of a rarity in the market. The two dunk lows feature an all black toe box, black tongue, and check.  The striped lines along the panels represent the striped lines typically seen on the shirts of those within a bank setting like a teller, investment banker, etc.  The two shoes, one featuring blue lines and accent laces, the other featuring purple lines and accent laces were a fairly quiet release, however now go for as high as $550 in the market.  

Leather Avengers

Purple patent leather Avengers

Blue patent leather avengers