Love Resurrection — For the Artistic Community

To wish one and all a Happy Easter, here I am clad in flowers, hearts, ribbons, and razzle-dazzle, representing our artistic community with a look featured in Vaczine #3.

Towards the end of summer 2016, beckoning the spirit of romance and collage, I asked Scooter to customize a vintage Arrow Grand Baroque button down shirt with items by dear friends: an embroidery piece by Joel, pieces of drawings by Dietmar, sundry stuffed animals and hearts from Ikea—picked up on our way to Ocean Grove—lace doilies from the Elephant’s Trunk, Bella’s bracelet and Dominic’s rag doll. The cover of Sheila E’s Romance 1600 floated in the mind.

For a head-to-toe look, I asked Scooter to paint a pair of red Levi’s 501s in his classic Razzle-Dazzle print—inspired by a family of ship camouflage patterns used extensively during WWI—which I paired with rare Nike Dunk Low Pro SB–Reese Forbes Hunter sneakers.

Jeanise colored my hair in checkerboard purple and pink, bringing the look all together.

Dietmar took the photos at his old apartment on Lexington and 28th, at the request of dear Walt, who recently passed to the other side.

Photos by Dietmar Busse.