Stop doing things that don’t fulfill you, stop blaming others for your problems and stop thinking life owes you something because it doesn’t. If you want your life to get better than start living like it. Start doing something positive in the right direction and don’t give up until you get there, then keep going.

So Cas definitely listens to the mixtape when he’s alone and far away from the Bunker and thinking about Dean, missing Dean, wanting to feel just a little bit closer to Dean…





Crazy run gif face! 😂😜

Made it to the gym late this morning for a cardio session with some bicep work thrown in! I ended up running a mile, biked for 15 minutes and then jumped back on for another mile! My legs are still sore but feeling much better today!

Caution Vanity Goal Ahead!
One of my vane goals is to be able to flex and get on sporting event cameras, and it be impressive! 💪😜😂😘 I have a few goals that fall into this category haha!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Saturday!