There will come a time when all you’ll feel is sheer exhaustion – you’ll want to stop chasing people who have no time for you, and you’ll wish back every second you’ve wasted on the wrong things. Do you know how tiring it is to be treated like a doormat? To be treated like you don’t matter, to be told that you’re not good enough? That you’re too available, or even too kind?

It is a tiring thing to be so unloved.

—  highfalutinman  - Unspoken Conversations

Keep me
in your necklace
in your smile
in your heart.

Love me
in your words
in your thoughts
in empty nights.

Hold me
in your eyes
in your book
in the name of love.

Remember me,
not all the time
just the happy times
never the sad times.

Please remember me.
Please remember.

—  Lukas W. // Remember me