Nike Basketball Christmas Day 2011 Pack

[clockwise-in order of my preference]

Nike Kobe VII                 ———– Zoom KD IV

Stoudemire’s Sweep Thru ———– Nike LeBron 9


Kobe you have been my guy since MJ retired. Avar you have always been my guy, I can’t think of a shoe you designed that I don’t like. But this is not good.

First off it looks formulated. I understand the identity you have created since the Kobe IV but this takes that personality and weights it down. It looks clunky and that is presumably because you had to overbuild the sidewalls to fit the removable midsole in there. I assume that is a size nine that is being photographed, the proportions kill this shoe; it looks like a size 14.

And the painting on the midsole looks crazy cheap and will be impossible to consistently line up with the sole unit on the production line. And you raised the price, bad move.

You have always preached simplicity then you build a shoe that adds parts and complexity to a product that does not need it. It is just not pure. The worst part is I feel like all the additions made to the shoe were not to improve performance, they were solely to gain profit by adding “supreme” options.

But you guys will build a million colorways that some how “represent” Kobe’s personality and make them crazy limited and the sneakerheads will in return go crazy because they don’t buy performance, they buy stories.

The VIII better be dope…

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Building a System: Kobe Bryant & Nike Creative Eric Avar

Nike pulls the curtain back on the making of the Nike Kobe VII System Supreme with a detailed discussion with Kobe Bryant and Nike creative director Eric Avar. via Nike

- CARTER Magazine