Memorial Day in Yosemite 😍

These images say it all!

Yosemite is breath taking, I’ve only explored about 25% of the park & already I’m in love!

The Hikes are amazing and standing at the edge of glacier point exhilarating & well to be honest it literally gave me a panic attack but let me tell you it was worth the shot 😜

Outfit wise I had to be comfy as can be so I wore my classic Nike thick pants & Pink band sports bra. Let me tell you about the bra, at first I refused to give into the trend of the Brand band undies but when I walked into Victoria’s Secret & saw all the pretty colors & prints I had to buy all my favorites🙊

Shoes- I’ve been in search of some cute hiking boots I have yet to find so mean while I wore my Nike trail running shoes besides being waterproof they did the job 💁🏻