What do you do..

Just finished a 110x145 graffiti painting (of Nike air 180 White/Black/Cyber Yellow) will show it to you guys when it’s all dry. I took me 2,5weeks so it feels so good to be done with it. You guys need to tell me what you think of it later.

But what do you do when you find a camo iphone case by stussy and alot of Mountain Dew in your closet. You know that present you wanted to give the boy you like but you just find out he already got a camo iphone case not stussy but anyway.

I like this guy alot so i wanted to give him something he would like for his birthday, and i havent known him for long so i don’t really know what he wants but he told me one day that he liked this case i think we were in his town and he showed me, and he is a sucker for anything camo and of course Mountain Dew.

But what do i do now?