nike zoom force 1


‘The American Eagle’ by Complete Technique (The Golden Transformation of the Nike Zoom Force 1)

When we think 'fashion’, we think of trends, the latest, looking fresh. But when we think 'style’, it’s different from fashion. With styles comes unique take on things, something that’s not of the norm. Style is what makes you you, it gives you your own identity different from the rest.

Filmmaker Ronin shot a video over nine days capturing the work of Osamu Koyama (better known as Complete Technique), who transformed a plain Nike Zoom Force 1 snowboarding boot into a golden god-like beast-of-a-footwear, carefully carving and shaping materials for the final product. A true masterpiece worthy of the foot of an ancient Roman god with this glorious gold boot.

The boot dubbed 'The American Eagle’ was created as part of the Shoeshine Project 2012. Click play to witness the process of transformation of the craftsman and comment below on the page what you think.