nike technology

I work in a sporting goods store, and one of my pet peeves is when people come in and ask for “dri-fit” material shirts or pants. Dri-fit isn’t a material, it’s moisture wicking technology, and even more specifically Nike’s moisture wicking technology. Every single brand we carry has some type of moisture wicking technology, so I need to know if the brand matters and what the customer needs it for. Running shorts, basketball shorts, and compression shorts can all be “dri-fit,” so help me narrow it down unless you want me to take you to five different parts of the store because everything is arranged by brand, not item type.

But I know that customers don’t know any of that, so I try to follow the rules in our training and “Ask purposeful questions.” Guys, the number of people who get so pissed off that I’m trying to have a conversation with them about what they’re looking for is ridiculous, even if I try to explain everything above. And God forbid you show them the wrong brand. If they didn’t want Nike, they meant the store brand because that’s too expensive and then they’re also pissed off that I don’t know how much they wanted to spend.

Just like the rest of you, I am an average unaffiliated tumblr user and I dislike this Nike ad and encourage you to show your disapproval and put them in the uncomfort zone by going out and purchasing sneakers from Adidas®. Post pictures of your new Adidas® purchases with “I dislike Nike” written on the receipt (this bit is important) to really show them what for. Another cool idea is to take some selfies in your fresh new Adidas® gear and take the war to them in the #hashtags, now that there are hype new collections from collaborators such as Kanye, Pharrell and Selena Gomez (yasss) being released every day. And that’s not even getting into the superiority of Adidas®’ BOOST™ technology to Nike’s Lunarlon, but I don’t want to keep you here all day. Stay cool, everybody.