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With two of the biggest albums of the last year behind them, it goes without saying that Frank Ocean and Migos are two of right now’s biggest acts. ‘Blonde’ has Frank fans over the world still reeling, and ‘Culture’ is getting some insane play just about everywhere and seeing the Migos boys featuring on all kinds of tracks. It only feels fitting then that they’re all on a track together, produced by the one and only Calvin Harris, called ‘Slide’.

Harris teased the collaboration via his Snapchat last month, but finally the tune has hit Spotify, and it’s everything we imagined it would be. Some emotionally groovy piano brings us in, with a tuned up Frank reminiscent of ‘Nikes’. Frank’s half-talk half-singing style fits perfectly over the jumpy bassline and plucked guitar, with Migos’ Quavo seamlessly hopping in for his own verse. Offset is after that, adlibbing to what is already something incredibly simple to move along to.

While this is super easy listening and an absolute jam to say the least, did you really expect any less? Any beat with Frank Ocean and Migos on it is going to cruise like nothing else, it’s just basic science.

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