nike takeuchi


Waltz of the Battlefield 

There is a strange legend in the land of Otesia, a person who wields the demon sword is granted power. Only a person who had a strong resolve can fully control this sword, the inability to wield it caused madness and eventual death. Many have tried, and many have failed. The heroes are said not to hold is physical form but integrate with the sword resulting being ‘possessed’. However treated as a legend and rumors, in reality the sword has been lost for hundreds of years and now has fallen into the possession of our heroine. 

From what i read, our heroine enters a Military school in Nirvana where students are gathered (determined by skill in fighting etc…)

Characters ( L to R ) & Corresponding CVs: 

Ran - MC 
Abel - Maeno Tomoaki 
Lustin -  Katou Kazuki 
Pash - Ishikawa Kaito
Nike - Ono Kenshou 
Tifalet - Kakihara Tetsuya
???? - Nakamara Yuichi
Wilhelm - Takeuchi Junko

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