nike skatepark


Nike Park

When a friend of mine who visited town told me he could get us into the Nike park, I jumped at the opportunity. Not unlike Nike products, the park was the highest quality design and craft, with every part functioning well.

The wide open 2nd floor space has a series of banked hips and bowl corners that form a street course, with a ton of unique ledges, wallrides, transitions, and rails included. There’s even a street-plaza set of stairs with handrails and hubbas. Everything grinds and rides fast and is nearly perfect for skating.

The bowl is one of the easiest ones to skate I’ve ever been to. It’s a long, mellow, birch miniramp, with one small hip and one pool coping extension. The bowl is really easy to keep speed in, and it’s great for holding up long grinds. Even slamming on the smooth birch surface felt more tolerable than the parks I’m used to.

We had a great session with our small group, until everyone was too tired and sore to keep skating. I’m super grateful to have the chance to skate this park, and I hope I get back there soon!