nike shoe box

Tag, You're Not it!

I had a guy come in to my store tonight (a large one-stop-shopping one) and with his wife and kid present, switched the tags on pieces of clothing and move shoes out of their boxes into clearance item boxes. One of the apparel workers had already warned me about him ahead of time, and I warned my cashiers about him (make sure to check the shoes against the boxes!) When my cashier noticed a tag for a clearance polo on a pair of shorts, he called me to come check things out. There were multiple other pieces of clothing with changed tags on them, and every single box of shoes had the wrong shoes in them. The man kept trying to talk around me “I just found them like this!” “These were all in clearance so I just grabbed them!” And I was getting really tired of feigning stupidity as to why the tags and boxes were wrong so I called our MOD.

She found more tags that had been switched, and walked with the man to the area the he “found” the items. All the while playing the same runaround game with the man that I had been forced to play. He toted about how he thought we were honest people working at this store and he should have to right to pay for the items with the obviously wrong tags (I’m talking Nike shoes in a box for cheaper dress shoes of the wrong size, and shorts with tags for a women’s brand of blouses)

In the end she denied his transaction, and took his items to our loss prevention office to be reviewed (who were unfortunately gone for the night) when they came in next. They stole some water and a bag of cookies before they left and had me shaking in barely contained rage. I hope karma bites this man in the ass.