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On Saturday I had a look at the Nike Savvas exhibition Liberty and Anarchy. The colours that Savvas uses are so vibrant, I could not help but be overtaken with wonder. The first work we come to is titled the same as the exhibition - Liberty and Anarchy (2012), made form polypropylene, acrylic perspex and wire. The Polypropylene strips hang in screens, each of a single colour, that segment approximately two thirds of the space. Although there are only eight different colours used, each varies depending on the other colours that surround it, so take on a new individual appearance. Moving about in front of the work is like an optical illusion, and as you shift, new parts of the work are revealed, and other obscured - it plays on interference and patterning, much like a zoetrope or flicker book. The strips are held slightly slack so they can shimmer in movement as people move around and through the piece.

As you enter the second room you are confronted with Sliding Ladder (2012), a multi-hexagonal frame spanned with interlocking strands of blue and yellow wool. I particularly liked that interaction required of the viewer - in order to get its full effect you have to move around the piece. As you do, new viewpoints of the work are revealed, and you can look through a window in the centre of one panel, onto another. The colours are layered and shift, almost luminous, and cast intricate shadows on the plinth.

And then we come to the paintings of the woven strands that Savvas has made using acrylic on canvas. They are very striking, and ump from the canvas due to the vivid contrast of the black on white, so much so that you can almost see colour in the white areas. The strong lighting of the exhibition exaggerates this, visually assaulting the eyes. I really liked these works, of which Sliding Weave (Lawless 5) ) (2012) is one, as I myself have begun to investigate ways of weaving and wrapping in three-dimensions, exploring the open and closed, but this is a very effective way of taking that into two dimensions.

Top left: Liberty and Anarchy (2012)

Top right: Sliding Ladder (2012)

Bottom: Sliding Weave (Lawless 5) (2012)

All work copyright Nike Savvas. All images my own.


Rainbow Laneway installation in Sydney by Nike Savvas

Just image the feeling when you're accidentally find yourself in the small street of Sydney city, where the sky is colorful like a non-modern painting. Ha ha! Last words sound with anger :D anyway, this is amazing installation by Nike Savvas who have already amazed a lot of people with her previous installations and unique game of colors.


Bouncy Ball Bonanza by Nike Savvas

Nike Savvas is an Australian-born artist who currently works in London. Her installation Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder  features rooms full of bouncy rubber balls suspended using transparent nylon string. A fan was focused on the whole colorful array which resulted in a gentle and soothing motion of the balls.

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