nike p




tag yourself: minor greek gods + titans

hecate: into astrology, sleep who?, observant, spends a lot of time alone, wants to dye their hair, kind, likes coffee shops, a bit in love with the stars

asclepius: likes helping people, wants/has a dog, really smart, essential oils, nice smile, takes long showers, probably drinks herbal tea

hypnos: tired all the time, warm milk, smells like lavender, soft skin, doesn’t get angry easily, a bit sad, pretends to be calm all the time but is actually internally screaming

hebe: likes baking, pastel colors, flower crowns, runs on impulse and instinct, glitter highlighter, probably still goes to the playground, dumps a ton of toppings on their ice cream

khione: legit goes out in -10° weather with only a sweater, likes makeup, iced coffee, loves snow, brutally sarcastic, pretends not to give a shit about school but actually gets straight a’s

nike: #fIGHT ME, protects their friends, would die for fictional ships and/or characters, always on the leaderboard in kahoot, city person, minimalist, loves the satisfaction of winning

P   E   A   R   L.