nike nationals

Went on the perfect run today! First we followed the trail for 5 km to a lake. There we swam across and back, which was about 1km. After that we just ran the same trail back:)

We ran superfast, and jumped over rocks and streames.

In summary we ran 10km and swam 1km! It was amazing, and the best birthday ever!!


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Passion, they say, comes from a love and desire. They say, it comes from the things that can comfort, nourish and make one feel safe. Most think of a person or a hobby. Most think of passion as a gentle solace. I don’t believe in that. My twist on the meaning is so drastic, it may as well be redefined. Passion is commitment to something, a desire so fiery that it becomes, not a hunger but an obligation. I find “comfort” in lacing up my spikes so tightly, that I can distantly feel black string’s skeleton. My “nourishment” is the numb in that surges throughout my body and feeds on the pleasure of pain. There is no safety. Safety is only a false sense of security. The track is a place where a runner is most vulnerable. Mistakes can be found within every step, every breath. Passion isn’t only an emotion, it’s a state of mind. The lord’s suffering and death was called, the Passion of Christ for a reason.
—  Emma Clark, distance track runner